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Mental Health & Belonging

If we increase access to mental health supports for staff and students, then we will create a learning environment that fosters inclusivity, connectedness, and well-being, which will increase student engagement and improve academic outcomes.

Why focus on Mental Health & Belonging?
Surveys of our students and staff show that many are struggling with mental health issues regularly (following national trends), and they want easier access to support and resources. Mental health is an important part of our overall health and well-being. Addressing these issues and supporting students will help them do better academically and be engaged in activities, with their community and in life.

What do we want to accomplish?
We’ll increase student access to mental health providers and resources to help students care for their overall well-being and be more engaged academically and in their community.

Who's working on this?
Staff from the Student Services Department, along with the assistant superintendent of schools, and the Communications Department make up the team working on Mental Health & Belonging projects. 

Measuring success:
We plan to implement these projects during the 2023-24 school year. Success of these tactics will be based on data from the PSD Mental Health Specialists team, PSD Research and Evaluation Department, PSD Connections and Healthy Kids Colorado surveys, along with information about referrals to community support providers and website and social media engagement analytics.

PSD Priorities For Mental Health & Belonging
Students hugging an emotional support dog
Year one 2023-24 projects:
  • Refine and continue implementing a comprehensive community partnership strategy specific to Mental Health & Belonging
  • Hire and train additional mental health staff and trainees to support students
  • Promote awareness of PSD and community mental health resources through multilingual communications project driven by student input
  • Bullying Prevention and Education (BPE) project to develop a team to review current bullying prevention and response practices, policy and related materials.