A student welds at a Poudre School District High School.

Graduate With Options

If we expand options to meet graduation requirements, implement equitable grading practices, and decrease absenteeism, then graduation rates will increase and students will be better prepared for future opportunities.

Why focus on this?
Each student in PSD is an individual with their own unique interests. All students should have opportunities in school that let them explore their interests and pursue their passions. Students who have more choices in school will more likely graduate on time and be better prepared with more options for their future, whether they decide to enter the workforce immediately, pursue post-secondary education or follow another path.

What do we want to accomplish?
To help ensure students graduate with options and to increase graduation rates, we’ll implement consistent grading practices at middle schools and update graduation requirements to support multiple post-secondary pathways and ensure students are supported in getting all credits necessary to graduate with options.

Who’s working on this?
Those collaborating on these projects include a group of middle and high school principals, and staff from several departments including Career and Technical Education, Information Technology, Curriculum, Integrated Services, and Language, Culture & Equity

Measuring success: We plan to implement the Graduate with Options projects during the 2023-24 school year. Success of projects will be determined by metrics that show the impact on students like attendance data, graduation rates and student surveys about their personal experiences in PSD.

PSD Priorities For Graduate With Options
Happy PSD graduate

Year one 2023-24 projects:

  • Update high school graduation requirements to support multiple post-secondary pathways including two and four-year college, military options, and career and workforce readiness, diploma processes for diverse learners, and adjust graduation ranking system
  • Develop middle school principal collaboration to gain readiness and alignment of equitable grading practices at all middle schools
  • Identify strategies to address chronic student absenteeism and truancy