The PSD Strategic Plan - For Greater Student Success

The Poudre School District Strategic Plan is designed to guide the work of the district by stating our most important areas of focus and how we address them. 

The Strategic Plan offers clarity and consistency to the work we do to provide the best outcomes possible for all students. It aims to align staff and provides specifics on how that work gets done across the district at all schools and departments. Core student experiences will be standardized based on a foundation of excellence.

PSD’s Strategic Plan is centered on three priorities - Literacy, Mental Health & Belonging and Graduate with Options. On each priority area’s web page, we’ve listed projects for year one and what we plan to accomplish. Projects for year two are currently in development. 

Over the next few years, metrics will show how well we are completing the goals within the plan, and to what extent we need to create new strategies to accomplish our goals.

As we map out strategies and projects in each of these areas, we’ll do so while continuing our steadfast commitment to district safety and security, long-range planning, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

Ultimately, this plan will unify our work to support students through these key priorities. We are one district, one team with one plan, wanting the best opportunities, experiences and success possible for all students.

The Strategic Plan was officially launched at the Aug. 22, 2023, PSD Board of Education meeting. You can watch the board presentation on YouTube here

An update on the work of the Strategic Plan will be presented to the board in spring 2024, followed by updates to this website.

Background For Creating The PSD Strategic Plan

How we made this plan

We are grateful to the staff, parents and guardians, students, and community members who gave feedback as the plan was developed. During the 2022-23 school year, PSD hosted more than 30 engagement sessions about the Strategic Plan, and over 7,000 people (including students) shared their voices and ideas through a survey.