Students in classroom reading from tablets


If all schools consistently implement high-quality materials, systems, and pedagogy, then every student will have the foundational and critical literacy skills needed for success.

Why focus on literacy?
We know that students who have a foundation of critical literacy skills are more successful as adults. Being able to read, write and understand information and different perspectives creates lifelong learners and expands options throughout life. 

What do we want to accomplish?
To improve student literacy, we’ll adopt and implement high-quality, standards-based literacy instructional materials that are representative of multiple cultures and identities.

Who’s working on this?
Staff from the PSD Curriculum Department and Teaching and Learning Department, along with an assistant superintendent of schools, make up the team working on Literacy projects.

Measuring success: 
We plan to implement the Literacy projects during the 2023-24 school year. Long-term success of these projects will be data based, looking at the impact on student success with reading achievement, graduation rates and postsecondary outcomes. 

PSD Priorities For Literacy
Student reading from book

Year one 2023-24 projects:

  • Adopt 9th and 10th grade English and language arts materials
  • Implement K-5 CKLA/Amplify and K-5 EL Education curriculum (adopted in spring 2023)
  • De-implement materials in the classroom that are not aligned to evidence-based reading instruction
  • Implement a teaming protocol to create quality student tasks centered on being able to read, write and understand complex content